Brittany Kerrigan


I’ve lived my entire life in Kentucky, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The beautiful bluegrass state has always amazed me with the vast differences in each region and the stunning views! Have you seen the Kentucky sunset?

I’ve lived in several counties of Kentucky, but I’ve landed myself in Frankfort (the capital of Kentucky) and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. I love the sense of community and history that Frankfort has, as well as the surrounding counties (Anderson, Woodford, etc)

I’ve been married going on 2 years now, my husband is a Team Lead at Castle & Key Distillery. We have a son together and he brought a bonus daughter into my life when we met.

I would love to help you set your roots in Kentucky with a new home and to make sure you have a great experience along the way!

Send me a message and we can get started right away!